Interview Question: Tell me all you know about RESTful web services. You may start by saying that RESTful Web Services are an implementation of the REST Architecture based on web services. REST stands from Representational State Transfer and (emphasize!!) it is an architectural style, not a protocol. REST follows aContinue Reading

One possible question for a Java Interview could be: what can you tell me about the spring bean scopes? In Spring Framework we have 5 (five) bean scopes: SINGLETON which means that only one instance of a bean is allowed per container (in other words, per application); PROTOTYPE which meansContinue Reading

Inevitable, during a Java interview you will be asked about equals() and hashCode() methods which are declared in the java.lang.Object class. equals() method The equals method is declared as

and indicates wether two objects are equals or not. It returns true in case the two objects are equals, andContinue Reading