Interview Question: Tell me all you know about RESTful web services. You may start by saying that RESTful Web Services are an implementation of the REST Architecture based on web services. REST stands from Representational State Transfer and (emphasize!!) it is an architectural style, not a protocol. REST follows aContinue Reading

An HTTP method is a verb that is used on a resource. There are four main HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE which should be used in certain situations. For example: GET is used to download cacheable data from the server. It doesn’t have a request body. It can haveContinue Reading

One possible question for a Java Interview could be: what can you tell me about the spring bean scopes? In Spring Framework we have 5 (five) bean scopes: SINGLETON which means that only one instance of a bean is allowed per container (in other words, per application); PROTOTYPE which meansContinue Reading

The 12-factor app manifesto (sometimes called as 12-factor app configuration style) is more like a guidance on ideal practices (or principles, if you want) for building softwares delivered as a services. It can be applied to applications written in any programming language. The 12-factor-app “word” is often used interchangeably with cloudContinue Reading

API stands from Application Programming Interface, and it is a term used in computer science. According to wikipedia’s definition an API is a set of routine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software and applications. Pretty goofy, right? My preferred approach is to think at API as a tool used for dataContinue Reading