One possible question for a Java Interview could be: what can you tell me about the spring bean scopes? In Spring Framework we have 5 (five) bean scopes: SINGLETON which means that only one instance of a bean is allowed per container (in other words, per application); PROTOTYPE which meansContinue Reading

Nowadays, there are two different kinds of databases: relational databases (aka, Oracle, Microsoft MS, IBM DB 2) document oriented databases (some lectures call them NO-SQL databases) (aka, Mongo DB, FileNet) Let’s go to the subject, Scaling a relational database There are three operations involved in scaling a relational database: sharding.Continue Reading

Microservice definition by Martin Fowler

Microservices is a type of architecture with a single goal: to avoid complexity. Most of the books define microservices as an alternative architecture for building applications, while they offer a great way to to decouple components within an application boundary. In microservice paradigm, each component is a full but miniature applicationContinue Reading

Angular is a client side framework. It is a front-end JavaScript framework used to build single page applications. In Angular everything is a component (the basic block of an Angular application), which represents one area of a functionality. Generally, a component is composed of three files: an HTML template whichContinue Reading

Java 8 was released on March 2014 and it is about functional-style programming. It proposes a set of new features: lambda expressions method references the stream api and collectors a new tollbox an functional interfaces available in java.util.function default methods in interface parameterization Lambdas Lambda is a technique to passcodeContinue Reading