Nowadays, there are two different kinds of databases: relational databases (aka, Oracle, Microsoft MS, IBM DB 2) document oriented databases (some lectures call them NO-SQL databases) (aka, Mongo DB, FileNet) Let’s go to the subject, Scaling a relational database There are three operations involved in scaling a relational database: sharding.Continue Reading

Java 8 was released on March 2014 and it is about functional-style programming. It proposes a set of new features: lambda expressions method references the stream api and collectors a new tollbox an functional interfaces available in java.util.function default methods in interface parameterization Lambdas Lambda is a technique to passcodeContinue Reading

The 12-factor app manifesto (sometimes called as 12-factor app configuration style) is more like a guidance on ideal practices (or principles, if you want) for building softwares delivered as a services. It can be applied to applications written in any programming language. The 12-factor-app “word” is often used interchangeably with cloudContinue Reading

“Be sure you create a strong password!” this is the advice we see everywhere on the internet, but what does a strong password means? I’ll say a strong password has the following characteristics: has at least 12 characters length. If the technology does not support it, you should stop usingContinue Reading

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While running a business which relies on your home computer and operating online, having duplicate copies of your most important data keeps you safe of running into loss of revenue. And yet, this is the most overlooked aspect of the small businesses. And here it is, probably the most important reason toContinue Reading

In a multi-tier environment (eg. eCommerce development environment), the deployed web applications are separated into three different physical layers: Presentation Layer; Controller Layer; Data Layer. Of this three, the most complex layer is the “Controller Layer” which contains all of our business logic. In an eCommerce application the controller willContinue Reading

At first, a user would request a resource (a web page, an image or a video), and the server would return it; simple, but very limited because the webpages were static. With the growth of commercial activity on the Web, companies had to deliver dynamic content to their customers. So,Continue Reading

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It is said, Being a programmer is one thing, but being a developer is quite another. Same thought is valid for being a good developer or a great developer and in my opinion there are some skills and a good practices that makes a difference between the two. Maybe the most importantContinue Reading