A Walk to Access IBM Cloud as a Developer

This post is about how to get registered with IBM Cloud. It will provide a bit of walk to the interface, and how to get an existing code and deploy it to IBM Cloud.

If you don’t have an IBM Cloud account go to this URL and register a free account with IBM Cloud. Once you got your account, all what you gonna see is a clean dashboard area. IBM Cloud groups customers by organizations, and under organization they group customers by spaces and resources.

Steps to register you account

To register you free account with IBM Cloud go to https://ibm.co/32ZOY2g and fill the form with your details: email, first name, last name and a password. Password must contain between 8 and 31 characters with at least one upper-case, one lower-case, and one number. The characters ‘?’ and ‘{‘ are not allowed.

Choose whether you want to be contacted by email or by telephone. Click on Create Account blue button.

Check your email and click Confirm Account blue button to activate your IBM Cloud account.

Now, that you have confirmed your account, log in and start creating your own services in IBM Cloud. Once you log in, your account is set up with a resource group, an organization, and a space already created for you. Now it’s time to go to Catalog, and start exploring the IBM Cloud.

Get started with your first service in IBM Cloud

Go to hamburger menu ☰ (upper left corner) and you will see a listing of all services and features available in IBM Cloud. The services are grouped into categories like: Apple Development, Blockchain, DevOps, Mobile, Security, Watson, Web Apps, etc.

To get started with, for example Watson technologies go to hamburger menu ☰ (upper left corner) and choose Watson

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