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Of Course! I am catching Pokemons…

… with Pokemon GO app for iOS. I installed this free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game, and yesterday I started my run for those virtual creatures called Pokémons. The game was released for the first time on July 6 2016 in Australia and United States.

About Pokémons

Looks like there are a total number of 720 of pokémons which are splited, based on their evolutionary chains, in six generations. These generations are:

  • Generation 1 – red, blue, yellow;
  • Generation 2 – gold, silver, crystal;
  • Generation 3 – ruby, sapphire, emerald;
  • Generation 4 – diamond, pearl, platinum;
  • Generation 5 – black, white, black 2, white 2;
  • Generation 6 – X, Y.

What is the deal with Pokémon GO

The idea of the game is to capture, battle, and train Pokémons. As a player, to capture a Pokemon you have to physically travel and explore the game’s map, catching nearby Pokemons by throwing poke balls towards them. All you need to do in order to obtain more poke balls is to visit so called poke stops which are represented on the map by purple or blue icons.

Once you catch a Pokemon it appears in your poke list (or something like that. I am not sure how it is called). For every Pokemon you catch you receive 100 points of experience and a bonus as follow:

  • + 500 for a new Pokemon (the Pokemon is considered to be new when it is the first of that type in your list)
  • + 10 for a nice throw
  • + 10 for a curveball throw
  • and maybe more but I did not discovered them.
Pokemon catch reward
Pokemon catch reward

As you see in the previous photo, not only you receive experience when caught a pokemon, but also you receive three candies and 100 .

Besides the poke balls, sometimes, at the poke stop you receive 50 points of experience or eggs to incubate. Starting with level 5 you will received some potions and other items useful in battles or during the training session of your Pokemon.

The eggs incubation process

As I said earlier, to get held an egg is pretty simple. Just visit three or four poke stops and you get at least one egg. The eggs come into one of the three variety: 2km, 5km or 10km. You will be able to held nine eggs at a time. To hatch an egg you will need an incubator. Lucky you, the game creators already equipped you with one incubator you can use to hatch one egg at a time.

To hatch an egg, tap on Eggs mark on the Pokemon screen and the eggs in your possession will be revealed. Choose the egg you want to hatch and tap “start incubating”. Forwards, all you need to do is to walk around the required distance.

Egg hatches, pokemon reward
Egg hatches, pokemon reward

When the egg hatches you will get one of the following rewards:

  • a new pokemon + candies and experience;
  • either 200 experience for a 2km egg. Respectively 500 experience for a 5 km egg or 1000 for a 10 km egg.

Pokemon evolution

This is my favorite part of the game because for every pokémon evolution I get +500 experience points.

Evolving a pokémon requires a different amount of candies, also different type of candy, depending on the pokémon species.You receive candies for a particular type of pokémon when you catch a pokemon of that species.

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