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Oracle Certified Master (OCM) is the actual name for the old SCJD (Sun Certified Java Developer) exam. Like SDCJ, the OCM has two parts, the assignment (exam 1Z0-855) and the essay (exam 1Z0-856), and you must successfully pass both parts to become certified. Most of the candidates estimates that it takes approximately 120 hours of solid work to complete the exam.

The prerequisite for this exam are:

The assignment

This exam is validated against Java SE 6 and it’s full name is Java SE 6 Developer Certified Master Assignment (1Z0-855). Once you register for the Oracle Certified Master’s exam, you’re given instructions for downloading your assignment. The assignment is a document of 9 or 10 pages with instructions for completing the project. Instructions include both the application specification and requirements for implementation and delivery. It is also includes notes about how the application will be marked.

In the case you don’t pass the assignment exam, Oracle offers an alternative to resubmit the assignment, Java SE 6 Developer Certified Master Assignment for Resubmission (exam 1Z0-855). It’s cost is 245 USD.

The Essay

This exam is validated agains Java SE 6 and it’s full name is Java SE 6 Developer Certified Master Essay (1Z0-856). Once you’ve submitted your assignment, you should immediately register for the essay portion of the certification. This portion of the exam takes place in an authorized Prometric testing center (as the Programmer’s exam does) and you have 120 minutes to complete the essay portion.

How to know when you are ready for this exam?

Sun estimates that you are ready to download the assignment when you’re comfortable with at least three things of the following:

  1. Object Oriented design and development;
  2. Writing clear and maintainable code;
  3. Swing and GUI Design;
  4. Sockets and RMI;
  5. Database searching and record locking.

Regarding the cost of the exam

You will have to spend $490 for this exam, $245 for the first part and $245 for the essay portion.

Passing the exam

Your project is first assumed to be correct and is given a starting points equals to 155. Currently the exam requires 124 points to pass.

Note: The exam requirements could change at any time so, check the Oracle website frequently. You must not use a version of Java that is deemed “out of date”.

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