Android Programming Language

Programming in Android

Summary: A brief introduction related to Android. Where to download android SDK and what you need to install prior to start the development of an android application.

Android is an operating system for mobile devices and it is developed by Google. It was initially developed for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tables. Nowadays, we find Android even on photo cameras.

On programmers-code we are mostly interested about android software development which refer to the process of creating new application for the Android devices (i.e for the Android operating system).

Most of the application for Android are developed in JAVA programming language and to develop an application with Android, a developer needs to install Android Development Kit (ADK) and an integrated development environment like Eclipse (with Android Development Kit, simple ADT).

Probably, the most used Android application is Android Play Store.

To start developing android applications download Android SDK from android developer’s site. I prefer to “get the SDK for an existing IDE”. The second step is to download eclipse and install Android Development Tool from Eclipse marketplace.

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