Start working with a GIT repository

In one of the previously post, I talked about how to push your work at using eclipse IDE. In this post I will show you how to “grab” (git term is clone) a repository from git and start adding new feature. First thing, first thing to do is to have a git repository

StrutsTilesLocaleResolver Cannot obtain HttpServletRequest

Once I migrated a struts application from 2.3.20 distribution to 2.5.13, I learned that for some jsp pages I go the following error: [crayon-5b73ee6b160f7857594564/] This was traced to a code similar with [crayon-5b73ee6b160fd675685767/] All you have to do in order to get rid of this error is to replace request with requestScope. javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter [struts2]:

The Twelve Factors for Applications

The 12-factor app is more like a guidance on ideal practices (or principles, if you want) for building softwares delivered as a services. It can be applied to applications written in any programming language. I. CODEBASE One codebase tracked in revision control, many deploys This statement says that you should have only one repository for

What do you know about equals() and hashCode() methods?

Inevitable, during a Java interview you will be asked about equals() and hashCode() methods which are declared in the java.lang.Object class. equals() method The equals method is declared as [crayon-5b73ee6b1636a798435906/] and indicates wether two objects are equals or not. It returns true in case the two objects are equals, and false otherwise. hashCode() method The

Essentials on IBM Cloud Garage Method

Today I started to learn about the IBM Cloud Garage Method. I was quickly able to find out that garage method is an approach, a way of work that brings together techniques from Agile Development Lean Development Extreme Programming (XP) and IBM Design Thinking. The goal of the Garage is to build innovative solutions by

All you know about EAR file

During a technical interview one of the phrases that put the candidates in difficulties is “tell me all you know about [something]”. This is the first post in the series tell me all you know about, and I will write about EARs files. EAR stands from enterprise application archive and it is a standard jar

Use strong passwords

“Be sure you create a strong password!” this is the advice we see everywhere on the internet, but what does a strong password means? I’ll say a strong password has the following characteristics: has at least 12 characters length. If the technology does not support it, you should stop using that system. A longer password

It is agile fever in the world

You might heard about agile for a long time and this is not surprising at all (afterwards it was born in 2001). In fact I am sure you read about agile on wikis, forums, blogging and micro-blogging. You might even practice agile in an ad-hoc manner on projects you were involved, and yet agile methodology