Some words on scaling databases

Nowadays, there are two different kinds of databases: relational databases (aka, Oracle, Microsoft MS, IBM DB 2) document oriented databases (some lectures call them NO-SQL databases) (aka, Mongo DB, FileNet) Let’s go to the subject, Scaling a relational database There are three operations involved in scaling a relational database: sharding. Represents the process of splitting

How to create a self-signed certificate on MAC OS

In computer security, a self-signed certificate is an identity certificate which is signed by the same entity whose identity it certifies. Of course, a certificate like this doesn’t have a lot of security value, but it is a convenient way to test things without without spending money. Creating a self-signed certificate varies from operating system

What is the deal with microservices?

Microservices is a type of architecture with a single goal: to avoid complexity. Most of the books define microservices as an alternative architecture for building applications, while they offer a great way to to decouple components within an application boundary. In microservice paradigm, each component is a full but miniature application with focus on producing a

Basic Concepts in Angular

Angular is a client side framework. To work with angular you must have node and npm installed on your machine. This post assumes that you already have them installed on your machine and jump right into the creation of the angular application. You also need to have the angular cli installed. You can install it

Java 8 – What is new

Java 8 was released on March 2014 and it is about functional-style programming. It proposes a set of new features: lambdas method references the stream api default methods in interface parameterization Lambdas Lambda is a technique to passcode to methods. Looking at lambda from the point of view of a developer it is an argument

Start working with a GIT repository

In one of the previously post, I talked about how to push your work at using eclipse IDE. In this post I will show you how to “grab” (git term is clone) a repository from git and start adding new feature. First thing, first thing to do is to have a git repository